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RS36 Rifle Powder

With the RS36, developed in 2015, charges between RS30 and RS40 can be better optimised. The RS36 was tuned to the calibre 7.62 x 39 , but it also works very well in the area of level-action rifles.


Standard calibres

7.62 x 39

.222 Rem.

.223 Rem. with lightweight bullets up to 50gr

.30-30 Win.

.444 Marlin

.45-70 Govt.


Packaging units - 1kg can + 10 kg drum


Powder type -RS36 is an extruded single-based propellant powder based on nitrocellulose. The surface is coated with camphor. This results in balanced temperature behaviour with moderate pressure at high temperatures.


Safe service life - If properly stored, the propellant powder remains safe to use for up to ten years.


Verification tolerances

Batch-to-batch tolerance:

v5 ±12 m/s

pmax ±250 bar


Key characteristics

Heat of explosion approx. - 3,950 J/g

Bulk density -  approx.  - 910 g/l

Grain diameter approx.  - 0.6 mm

Grain length approx.  - 1.2 mm